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Originally Posted by Immanuel View Post
It's not "i believe". I've mathematically and unequivocally shown that QoT varies by an order of magnitude more than QoC. Making QoC "largely irrelevant", at least in relation to QoT. (Please keep that wording and avoid the obvious strawman you just made in your last post.)

I don't know why you're talking about "actual tests" when we're not talking about theory, we're directly observing the profession as it happens with real data. If it shows up on the data, it happened on the ice and is therefore "an actual test".
More precisely you have presented some numbers that show that single-iteration Corsi QoC had a smaller range than single-iteration Corsi QoT for the 2011-12 regular season.

How does this change when multiple iterations are used to calculate QoC and QoT? Taking into consideration that if good players tend to play against good players, single iteration QoC will underestimate the true range of QoC, and if good players tend to play with good players, single iteration QoT will overestimate the true range of QoT.

How does this change when looking at plus-minus numbers instead of Corsi numbers?

How does this change when looking at playoff numbers instead of regular season?

How does this change when looking at other seasons than 2011-12?

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