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Originally Posted by Krishna View Post
Lockouts : If there is no CBA signed and the owners order him to put a lockout in effect, he has no say in the matter.

ESPN : After their 100m a year deal, they offered the NHL 60m a year for a few years. At that point in time, the NHL was just getting more publicity and they offered less. It was a joke offer. The OLN move was a risky one that ended up turning out great for the league, but you won't hear bettman haters mentioning it.

Expansion : When bettman became comissioner, there was already expansion taking place. The places he gave expansion to : Nashville, Atlanta, Minnesota, and columbus.

Nashville has a strong fanbase and owners who are putting up money for the team.

Atlanta was bought by ASG in 2005 when they bought the Hawks and the arena both occupied. ASG severly neglected the team and treated them like a red headed stepchild until they put the team up for sale and made any potential buyers put them in a different arena.

Minnesota also has a strong fan base and good owners. They've been hovering around breaking the last few years and are in a prime position to start making money with increasing sales of tickets for their new signed stars and their prospects who are are NHL ready.

Columbus was ruined by their terrible scouting and the terrible GM they have.

Relocated teams :

Minnesota North Stars to Dallas : Needing a new arena and a sexual harassment lawsuit that lead the owner's wife to make him move the team or she would leave him resulted in their relocation. Dallas has been a profitable organization and has made a profit in most of the last 10 years.

Hartford to Carolina : I am not quite sure why they were relocated after the sale because I have not read much on the issue. Apparently they needed a new arena and they couldn't get public funding for it. Carolina has been losing money but seems to have fixed their ways.

Quebec to Colorado : Financial issues due to the value of the canadian dollar being less than 80% of the value of the USD led them to be moved. Colorado has made profits every year since the lockout.

Winnipeg to Phoenix : Similar to Quebec's issues but made slightly worse since they were playing in the league's smallest arena and bringing in less money. Phoenix has been the only real losing cause for Bettman so far. And the reason he has not sold yet is because the NHL does not like Jim Balsillie due to the way he tried to strong arm the purchase of the Predators in 2007 and move them to Canada.

Like it or not, Bettman has done a great job. He has almost doubled revenues since 2004 and has almost increased revenues by 10 times since he took over.

The Winter Classic is a huge money grab for the league, but why not do it if sponsors are willing to shell out tons of money for it?

Another positive thing Bettman brought into the NHL was the Salary cap. The salary cap saved the league and there's not doubts about it.

I guarantee that you could not do a better job that bettman.Edit : A mod on the business board PM'd me something when he saw this post about something did in the 90s and early 2000s that no one ever talks about.

The Canadian Assistance Plan was put in place by bettman to have american teams help out (revenue sharing) the smaller canadian markets.

The CAP ended up running until the year of the lockout and each year gave Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa, and Vancouver each about 3-4 million dollars per year.
Very well put. The NHL needs a person like Bettman in order to flourish in today's market.

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