Thread: Confirmed with Link: John Madden joins scouting staff
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09-07-2012, 10:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Andy View Post

I remember people saying that about Gretzky as a coach, they used to say "Imagine the best offensive player of all time teaching and grooming offensive players." It's not scouting, but it was a similar judgement. We assumed his playing talents would translate into his post playing job.
Yes, the famous "people said that... And they were wrong"... What fantastic grounds to build an argument around

oh I see, bc some people made faulty assumptions with tenuous connections/logic in one case, it's a better assumption to make that any argument appearing similar in your mind (ignoring the failure in understanding what was actually said) must therefore also be faulty... That's unshakable logic at work right there!

ThAt said, in the Gretzky case, A. His "failure" as a coach is greatly overstated, largely bc of the uninformed expectations average fans had about him given how great of a player he was... Not the first rookie coach to struggle, including guys with years and years of experience coaching.

But I bet you many people with k owl edge of elite sports who knew enough about gretzky e player (obssesive as he was in his analytical approach to understanding the game, to the point of making it appear "natural" to the casual observer), accurately predicted that he would venture into coaching... Same people would easily have understood why Lemieux, an equally (close enough) great player would never venture down the same road ( surprise surprise, a guy with tremendous natural gifts who didn't get serious about perfecting his craft through diligent work until injuries/age/cancer "woke him up" isn't a likely or ideal candidate for a coaching job).

Hard to understand these things with no relevant experience, yet you present arguments with the conviction of someone who actually does... Do you also tell your doctor/lawyer/mechanic about the personal logic that trumps their knowledge and experience?

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