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09-07-2012, 11:18 AM
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Originally Posted by SCARFACE909 View Post
You guys are really hooked up on the "overall" which is not important at all, Gagne is rated higher than brown because he has better athletic ratings in speed, agility etc overall Gagne has higher star ratings in certain categories while Brown is balanced in all of them, Carter is a center so his face off rating will bump his overall up, brown is a beast in this game but you guys are hooked on overall which is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

Also the new rating system is so much better, there needed to be a difference between players, last year it was Non-existent, this year it is. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I'm a kings fan and I'm play with the ratings and understand why some guys are rated then others but some people just look at "overall" and not each individual attribute which contribute differently to overall rating, Kopi could be a 92 because he has 99 fighting skill whole everything else is still same, pretty PointlEss if you ask me..
No matter the PR spiel you or EA try to sell to the fans, those overalls speak as a measurement of how the player measures up with his peers. When you have the AI assigning lines, they're sorted by their overall ratings, not by their individual skill sets.

They need a better system in how player ratings are weighed judging by the results I'm seeing.

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