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Originally Posted by AmericanDream View Post
saw your scoring details, was nothing special...whats your point?

also what kind of monkeys did you draft with to let Matt Ryan get to the 9th?

that is beyond ridiculous
Point is, Brees is the most valuable guy on board at 6 and it's really not even close. He averages 7+ points per week more than guys like CJ2k, MJD, and Forte, and that's also about as much as he outscores the second tier QBs by. With our settings, the difference between someone like Forte and someone like R.Bush is actually pretty negligible week-to-week, even if I don't really like Bush as a player. The added points I get from Brees here is huge. Graham in the second seems like a reach, but we have a full point per reception and he had at least 4 catches in every game last year--that's too good to pass up at this point, and he won't last until the third round. His 17.9 points per game is better than any RB left on board at that position, and comparable with the top tier guys. Beyond that I just reacted to having my targets go a few spots before my pick and took who I thought was the BPA. My receivers are all #1 or 1a targets, and all average 13+ points per week except for Maclin. I'm not pleased with my RB crew by any stretch, but my QB and receiving corps have enough firepower to keep me in most games until I make a move for an RB.

As for Ryan, *shrug*. A lot of starters went early. 9th round seems a little low for him, but it's really a matter of preference. Some love him this year, some aren't sold on him breaking out. The second tier guys are totally interchangeable week-to-week, and Romo and Peyton could go huge at any time as well.

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