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09-07-2012, 12:31 PM
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Originally Posted by glenn77 View Post
So I tried that goalie website that was mentioned a few posts ago - great site but I still cannot post anything - I think the MOD's there run like molasses in January!

Anyways - got 80% of my equip - going with all used with exception of jock, of course. But my brother started making jokes and really made me start to worry, saying that once I am done in the butterfly I won't be able to get up cause I am not used to pads, etc.


Now I am totally stressed thinking I will look like a fish out of water out there!
So practice at home. Put on your pads with your skates (put blade covers back on after your pads are on), butterfly, get up, get set in your crouch, repeat.

The one exercise I would strongly recommend doing on a regular basis are wall squats. is offline   Reply With Quote