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Originally Posted by ThatCrazyRangerFan View Post
See, I for one don't listen to Children of Bodom, or anything like that. And I have no problem with electro. But dubstep is terrible. House, decent house, and decent techno is good. But I'm pretty sure that bands like Megadeth and Exodus...Testament... have a melody and words... a little more harmonious than... a distorted bass and then beeps. You must listen to core metal or screamo or something. Not trying to start a war, but yea.
No, I don't really at all. To name a few Deftones, Type O Negative (brilliant), Tool, so on and so forth. You honestly don't think there are people out there that hear bands like those and go, "OMG this sounds like a car wreck!!1!!"

There definitely are.

The bolded part of your post is exactly what I am talking about. That kind of mentality is so ignorant. Your post is even self defeating, on one hand you essentially say not all metal is some guy screaming in to a microphone, but dubstep is nothing but distorted bass and beeps. You're defending metal from the standpoint of a fan who understands the difference between talented musicians and screamy garbage, yet attack dubstep from the perspective of someone who is clueless.

Should we hate Johnny Cash because 99% of pop country is about trucks, love and being from the country? Should we hate Metallica because Nickelback doesn't have an original bone in their collective bodies? If the answer is no, then why do you want to hate Skrillex because dubstep is a bunch of people trying to do what he did and failing, or cheapening it?

If you want to hate him for escalating dubstep in to a super trendy genre, fine. If you want to hate him for redefining dubstep in to something that's very little like the original, fine. Hate for just about any reason you want, but if you actually listen to the stuff this guy makes, specifically on the 'Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites' EP, he is beyond talented. I cannot even begin to explain the amount of technical understanding it would take compose an arrangement like that. You don't have to like it but to say it is just distortion and beeps is beyond ridiculous.

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