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09-07-2012, 01:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Ziggy Stardust View Post
No matter the PR spiel you or EA try to sell to the fans, those overalls speak as a measurement of how the player measures up with his peers. When you have the AI assigning lines, they're sorted by their overall ratings, not by their individual skill sets.

They need a better system in how player ratings are weighed judging by the results I'm seeing.
This is exactly the issue I'm seeing happening. They seemed to be on the right track the last few years with the player roles and types, but then they scrapped it for some reason its sounds like instead of tweaking things they implement a new system... Trouble is the new system seems very very similar to the old ones that were in place years ago. Right now this year seems like a big step back from what they started in NHL 11. It seems like it's going to drag up alot of issues from past games and make some modes a mess to play.

Scarface relax, EA already has my money. Like I said earlier in this thread I played the version of the game on the floor at E3, and have played the demo. I really see no difference in the way the game plays from a casual gamer perspective. It seemed a little tighter gameplay wise and the AI slightly better when entering the Offensive zone but that's about it. The only really noticable differences that I saw are visually with the player models and the goalies making saves. It's better because it's better doesn't really address any of the issues that I brought up that I thought were pretty valid issues.

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