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09-07-2012, 01:48 PM
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Originally Posted by HatTrick Swayze View Post
If they lose another season I'm done. I can say that right now.
Yea ok. Somehow I find that hard to believe.

When you put in so much love for a sports team, like I have for my favorite teams, you're honestly telling me you can just walk away. I highly doubt that.

I don't understand this whole mentality (not just you specifically) that it's this boo-hoo attitude. In any business where you have management and a union there are negotiations. They both want to do what's best for not only themselves but the league as well. They have differing opinions on how to do it.

Does it suck I won't get to see my Rangers start on time? Absolutely, it kills me. But I also understand that it's a business and you have millionaires fighting to make more money. Let them get the deal done and just relax with the "I'm done with this" talk. Because the fact of the matter is 60% of hockey fans might say "I'm done" blah blah blah, but when the season starts up they'll be right there in the front row again. At worse they don't come back for a couple of weeks.

They lose a couple fair weather fans, big deal, but the diehards would not give up on the sport because of a business aspect.

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