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05-03-2006, 01:45 PM
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Quick Post mortem/season in review/pre-view

Due to some changes in my shcedule I haaven't and won't be around quite as much.

My thoughts on the series, season in review and looking forward to next yea ... and I'm sure some rambling ....


IMO the series was lost in the OT of game 1. The combo of Kapanen not scoring into the empty net, wasting an outstanding game by Esche and the injury to Umberger, was too much to over coem.

Game two - A complete white wash.

Game three - our best game of the series

Game four - IMO very similar to game 6 vs. Tampa in 2004 ... the team completely spilled their bucket coming back to win the game and tie the series. The combo of trailing all series long, and the number of injuries and the team was gassed.

Game 5 - looked just like game 7 vs. Tampa ... no legs to generate any offense.

Game 6 - The team came out with the best start of the series, they expended all their energy early on .. the only chance of sustaining the energy was to stay tied, grab the lead, or trail by a goal for a small period of time .... once they went down two goals it was over.

Clarke is catching the most heat for Hatcher and Rathje .... IMO Hatcher and Rathje both playing at around 70% had better playoffs than Desjardins, Pitkanen and Meyer.

IMO Pitkanen and Carter were the two biggest disappointments of the playoffs.

The season - the Flyers have had numerous years were they've been devastated by injuries, but never one close to this. Clarke is getting roasted, because it's the easy way out ... but name me another team that could put up 100 points while missing over 400 man games to injury.

When reasonably healthy I still believe we're the 2nd best team in the NHL.

A quick look at the injuries to see what could have been expected:

IMO the only injuires that could have been reasonably expected are Forsberg missing 20 games, Kapanen missing some time, the Desjardins shoulder injury and Primeau missing some time (but nowhere close to a whole season)

Next year:

Top line:
Gagne - resigned

2nd Line
Umberger - healthy
Carter - with an extra 8-10 lbs. of muscle
Nedved/UFA - playmaking winger ala Corey Stillman

3rd line
Kapanen/UFA - I'd prefer kappy to retire and replace him with someone a bit bigger and younger
Primeau - assuming he's healthy, if not I'd try and sign Mike Peca
Dimitrakos - nice player, but he shouldn't be a top 6 player

4th line
Richards - with an extra 10 lbs. of muscle

Extras - Savage if we can get him for the league minimum again

I'd give Downie every opportunity to make the team as a 3rd/4th line winger taking the place of Radio/Kapanen/dimitrakos


Pitkanen - healthy and playing his best
Rathje - was a very solid partner with Pitkanen before the hip/groin problems

Johnsson/UFA - a healthy Kim Johnsson or a UFA replacement that can skate and move the puck like Johnsson
Hatcher - played like a true #1 when healthy in december and January, I'm not looking for that, but a solid #3 would be perfect

Gauthier - solid 5/6 defenseman with the edge we need
UFA - Desjardins needs to be replaced with a younger puck mover

Freddy Meyer

If possible I'd combine the Johnsson/Desjardins money and make a move for Redden. If we grabbed Redden, then I'd have no problem moving Meyer back into the 6th spot

Goaltending - Esche and Niitty

Not back

Kapanen - wouldn't mind him retiring at all

Handzus - don't give him away but look to move him in a package to either upgrade our #1 pick or add either the 2nd line winger or defenseman we're looking for

I'd look to move Nedved and one of Hatcher/Rathje, but I'm not giving them away, and need to know I have replacements lined up before I do so.

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