Thread: Confirmed with Link: Weber's Deal Finalized, Contains no NMC/NTC
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09-07-2012, 02:09 PM
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Is it just me, or is reading the back-and-forth on huge issues like "is Fisher a 3rd line center, versus 2nd,versus 1st, or whether Weber can still restrict Trade destinations if it ever got to that point, make you depressed that hockey appears to be screwing-the-pooch for the 3rd time in the last 3 CBA cycles? Without real games, this is the only stuff we can talk about. No motivation to hit the Boards anymore. We're bottom-feeding until the season gets back on track. Ugh.

Dulzhok, love your energy but why spend so much of it being negative? Perfectly within your rights to think Poile blows or Weber can hypothetically control his future fate even though contractual he can't, etc but why not find something you think is positive and preach that? There has got to be some good within the Preds or why spend so much time on the Pred Board?

Unlike 2004 when cities like Nashville needed a CBA geared toward a Cap and small market survival, this time it feels more like the traditional food fight between rich and richer. How about meeting in the middle, and get on with the season. Owners would have a better deal than the last CBA, and players would initially be giving something back but look what happened after 2004: A small market team paid it's all-star defenseman over $100mm for 14 years. It'll happen again for the players under the new CBA. A lower percentage of an increasing pie = more money for salaries.

Please open up camps so we can have real stuff to talk about. Please.

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