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09-07-2012, 03:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Superunknown94 View Post
Yeah, because Murray would have been hard pressed to find a 4th liner through FA.
He just turned 24yo and put up higher end 3rd line numbers (14goals, 26 points) this year; his 1st full season in the league. He was 8th in ice time among forwards on the team.

Jesse Winchester is 28 and his career high is 18 points.
Zenon Konopka is 31 and his career high is 9 points.
Those guys are 4th liners.

Originally Posted by umma gumma View Post
Fisher played plenty with Alfredsson who at 34/35 was a better player then he is at 39.
Oh, what year was that? ... Never?

A couple of shifts and smattering of games here and there didn't make Alfredsson a linemate of Fisher's in any given season such that it ever could have affected his production ---> because they didn't play together enough.

These were Turris's RW's this year:
Alfredsson = 93.4%
B. Butler = 6.6%

Fisher never played with Alfredsson to anywhere near that extent. My best guess is that most of his seasons as the second line center look something like:
90% = Neil/Eaves/Shannon
10% = Alfredsson

With the exception of much of 1.5 seasons with Kovalev & half of a season with Comrie.

Originally Posted by We Want the Cup 2010 View Post
Mike Fisher

22 yrs (0.51 pts/g with Ottawa)
rest of career with Ottawa (0.52 pts/g)

signed for 5 yrs @ 4.2M when the cap was 50.2M (~8.4% of cap)

Kyle Turris

22 yrs (0.59 pts/g with Ottawa)

signed for 5 yrs @ 3.5M when the cap was 70.2M (~5.0% of cap)

Turris doesn't have do anything but maintain to live up to and surpass the "great" Mike Fisher.

How to lie with statistics: 101

Mike Fisher became Ottawa's 2nd line center at 25yo, not 22yo.
From then on, he put up full seasons of:


* Hartsburg tanked the #1 offense from the previous season down to 29th with amateurish breakout strategy before getting ****canned 48 games into the year. Everybody's offense suffered.

He put up those numbers playing with:
LW = Schaefer (2 seasons) or Foligno ( bits & pieces of 3 seasons)
RW = Kovalev (1 season), Comrie (0.5 seasons), Neil/Eaves/Shannon (~ the rest)


Turris just put up a 0.53 pace with:
RW = Alfredsson
LW = Foligno (33.7%), Greening (21.4%), Michalek (7.1%)... 2/3rds of his season

The highest ranked players Fisher ever played an entire season with:
2009-10 = Kovalev = 98th in scoring
2005-06 = Schaefer = 115th in scoring

Turris, 2011-12 alone:
2011-12 = Alfie = 59th in scoring
2011-12 = Foligno = 110th in scoring

Now, obviously he didn't play with Foligno the entire year... so that comparison is somewhat disingenuous as well. But let me show you something about Greening's 37 points.

In the 5 full seasons that Fisher was the 2nd line center, 37 points was eclipsed only 7 times by players other than Alfie, Spezza, Heatley & Fisher.

- So that's the CASH line members who Fisher didn't play with.
- Vermette x 2 and Kelly x 1... who Fisher didn't play with.
- Schaefer x 2 and Kovalev x 1... Fisher's linemates in those seasons.
- Bryan Smolinski x 1... I honestly can't remember who he played with.

So 3 full season linemates out of 10 possible over 5 full seasons eclipsed 37 points.

And I shouldn't be skeptical of Turris's small sample size with a 27 goal scorer? ... Everything will just work out smashingly once he's expected to carry a 21yo Nick Foligno & Ryan Shannon?

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