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09-07-2012, 03:42 PM
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Congrats on getting started! I just started playing in March and it's very addicting.

I would suggest spending as much time on the ice as you can. Even if you're not working on any particular skill (stopping, turns, etc) just the fact that you're on the ice will help you. I find that the more time I spend on the ice, the more comfortable I feel. Getting on the ice on Friday (after not being on the ice Tues/Wed/Thurs always feels a bit awkward for a few minutes even though I obviously haven't forgotten how to skate over just three days!

I think you'll find it much more fun if you at least get the basics of skating down so you're not constantly falling. It's part of hockey, but if you're falling every couple of minutes, it won't be so much fun and you'll be preoccupied with trying to stay up rather than being able to pay attention to the game and having fun. I've noticed that once I'm playing in a game or scrimmage, I'm not thinking very much about my skating and forget that I 'can't' do particular things - I just go after the puck, try to pass or shoot, try to catch the pass. I know that others who have at least a minimum of skating ability are the same way, but the ones who really have a hard time on the ice can't get over the balance/skating issue enough to enjoy it so much.

Keep working at it and you'll have a great time. I've made so may friends through hockey and I look forward to getting on the ice every single time. I didn't ever LOVE going to the gym, but it's so easy to get to the rink because I enjoy it.

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