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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
I give a lot of credit to coaches who were innovators, and Sandlin was definitely that. Sandlin was also a big part of Sweden's upset win at the 87 WCs, the first time a team other than the USSR or CSSR won the WCs in 25 years.

When Stromberg won Gold, the Eastern Block teams weren't effectively professional yet

And maybe someone should take a closer look at Stromberg.
Strömbergs flaws were just too much for Sweden. He were in constant conflict with everyone and not just players but management and so on. It wasn't even those kind of conflicts that can be good for the team (see Bowman) but petty things like haircuts etc. He wasn't a bad coach by any stretch but his teams won because he simply were smart enough to play his first line and pairing for 40 mins a game. Sweden won more because they had Sterner & Co not because Arne had the right strategies. A poor mans Crawford in a way if we are going to compare him to an NHL counterpart.

Sandlin were more of a players coach. He could come in to any lockerroom and start bonding with the players and get the players to bond with eachother.

His roster when Sweden won gold in 87 were

Tomas Sandström - B-Å Gustafsson - Håkan Loob
Håkan Södergren - Lars-Gunnar Pettersson - Anders Carlsson
Jonas Bergqvist - Thomas Rundqvist - Mikael Andersson
Thom Eklund - Matti Pauna - Peter Sundström
Lars Molin

Anders Eldebrink - Tommy Albelin
Mets Kihlström - Peter Andersson
Lars Karlsson/Nordmark - Tommy Samuelsson
Magnus Svensson

Pekka Lindmark

Loob, Gustafsson Sandström and Eldebrink were the stars. Anders "masken" Carlsson were a potent secondary scorer.

Defensive heroes were Lindmark, Albelin, Rundqvist, Södergren, Andersson and Bergqvist.

Compare that team tot he Soviets and the Americans and it was great accomplishment. Canada underperformed but they had a pretty good line-up too.

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