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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
If you are referring to 1965 through 1970, yeah, I can see that his production was fairly close to a Sanford level on the aggregate.

My beef was with you saying he "peaked higher" when he obviously didn't, though you have shone light on the fact that they are much closer than anyone apparently ever thought before.

That is true, he does.

that sounds like just a rewording of what I said.
Yes., 1965-70. Peak? Again factor in opportunity - Sandford was basically a 1st second liner all the time while Larose was a 3rd/4th liner with Montreal and a 1st/2nd with Minnesota. Overall Larose looks better and better.

Re Harry Watson. You had Sandford approaching the grey area, potential HHOF, Duff/Prentice level. I put him at the lower end of the grouping at the Bonin/Murphy level.

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