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Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
Yes., 1965-70. Peak? Again factor in opportunity - Sandford was basically a 1st second liner all the time while Larose was a 3rd/4th liner with Montreal and a 1st/2nd with Minnesota. Overall Larose looks better and better.
If you look at the four seasons in which he had more than 25 points, it appears he was a first liner in just one: 1954.

In 1949 he was a center and clearly behind Ronty. In 1953 he was most likely playing behind Chevrefils. In 1954 I think he definitely was.

Re Harry Watson. You had Sandford approaching the grey area, potential HHOF, Duff/Prentice level. I put him at the lower end of the grouping at the Bonin/Murphy level.
No, not at all. Considering Watson, one of my favourite historical players, is an admittedly very weak HHOFer, and I called Sandford “a very poor man’s Harry Watson”, I don’t have him approaching any gray, potential HHOF area. Duff and Prentice are on a whole other level, much more established offensively and with similar defensive and physical abilities.

Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
Mickoski had a longer career with weaker teams. Throw in Danny Lewicki who replaced Sandford on the 2nd AST for 1954-55:
Lewicki was small, soft, offense-only and not known for defense. Apples and oranges. Not interested in him.

and Johnny Wilson:

Then look at the 1955-56 Chicago Black Hawks:

LWs were Mickoski, Johnny Wilson, Harry Watson, Ed Sandford. Watson was 32 years old, while the other 3 ranged from 26-28.
That’s kind of amazing that they had all four of those guys at once, considering I see them as somewhat of a prototype for two-way 2nd line O6 LWs. I think Watson is sort of the “king” of that group of players, followed by Wilson, and then after that I don’t think we’ve properly sorted out the likes of Mickoski, Sandford and throw Ron Murphy into that mix as well.

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