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09-07-2012, 05:54 PM
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First off, thanks for the debate, overpass. As to your questions pertaining to my left winger's defensive play. I think both Brunette and Stillman are good enough to play defensive hockey against your right wingers. They play with defensive linemates so if they should falter their linemates should cover for them.

Also thanks for the clarification on Loui Eriksson. As I said the guy is one of my favourite players right. Just didn't know that he played a defensive game, thanks once again.

Now to comparing the defenses.

Pairing 1:

My first pairing of Jeff Brown and Joe Jerwa is the classic offensive d-man, stay at home d-man that every team should want. It also helps that Jerwa had an offensive edge to his game which should benefit both Brown, the guys he plays with and the defense as a whole. I plan on using this pairing quite a bit over the course of this series.

My opponent's 1st defensive pairing consists of Phat Wilson. Wilson is an impressive defenseman in his own right and should create many rushes for your 1st line, as my team has Jeff Brown you're going to need a good offensive defenseman to match up against him, looks like you did it here. Lee Fogolin Jr. is the defensive guy here, he's like Jerwa in terms of defensive play but doesn't seem to be as good as Jerwa defensively, that could hurt you in this match.

Pairing 2:

My 2nd pairing consists of John Van Boxmeer and Dave Lewis. Van Boxmeer may be a bit of a liability defensively but the guy a great 2nd option for an offensive defenseman on this team and I think his defensive shortcomings will be covered up by being paired up with Dave Lewis. Lewis is not going to do much offensively but he's a really good defensive defensemen. He's probably one of the better pure defensive defensemen in this series.

Pittsburgh's 2nd pairing consists of Slim Halderson and Sylvain Lefebvre. For a guy called Slim, Halderson certainly played big throughout his career. I expect nothing different from him here. I expect him to match up well with Van Boxmeer when it comes to offense. Sylvain Lefebvre is another player that I've always liked, the guy played rugged, I expect another good matchup between our 2nd pairings.

Pairing 3:

Bruce Driver and Billy Coutu was a pairing that was well-recieved among my fellow GM's and rightfully so. I think both guys are going to be an effective shutdown pairing with Driver quite able to spread the puck up the ice. Coutu is going to be a hard hitting #6 defenseman that's going to make teams less likely to score in the last few minutes of the game, I expect this pairing to do quite well in protecting my team from giving up goals late in games.

You went for 2 pure shutdown guys in Dave Manson and Jason Smith. Both guys are really able defensively but you may regret not drafting a good 2 way guy for this pairing especially going up against my bottom pairing of Driver and Coutu.

Final thoughts on the defensive matchups: I'd almost say both teams are equal on the defense. The Hornets though may suffer from not having that offensive option on the bottom pairing.

Will be back tomorrow to offer up comparisons between the goaltending and coaching/special teams/depth and offer my final thoughts on this series. Looking forward to a rebuttal from overpass.

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