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12-04-2003, 10:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Hemsky4PM
What if what the coach is saying to the players is just plain dumb. Example: "Smytty, you have to create some offense, we'll line you up with Pisani and Moreau. By the way, you need to be super responsible defensively against the other teams' top players. Go get em!"
Moreau - Reasoner - Pisani were able to do it, so is it highly unreasonable to think that adding one of the hardest working, and more skilled guys on the team to that line wouldn't have a similar effect? This line has been very good. They have shut teams down, and they have created a tonne of chances. This line 5 on 5 isn't the reason the Oilers are struggling.

A lot of players are smart and know as much about the game as a coach. Reasonable minds may differ.
Assuming this is a continuation of what you said earlier (about them not listening to the coach), I want to make sure I have this right. A player thinks he is smarter than the coach, and doesn't agree with what he says, goes out and does something different from what the coach told him, the team loses, and that is proof that what the coach says doesn't work?

No, sorry. It just proves that despite the pig headedness of the player, their "system" didn't cut it.

When is it ok to lay some blame on the coaches if the players are the one's at fault all the time.
When the coach throws out 3 rookies agains the leagues best line, when the coach refuses to make a change in the lines even when it is clear they aren't getting the job done, when his team is unprepared for what they are facing. Those are things that the coach should be blamed for.

Coaches get too much credit for wins and not enough blame for losses sometimes. The worst PK in the league and a PP that's almost that bad and some wacky line-up moves combined with winless in 6 would seem to indicate the coaches MIGHT be doing some things wrong. Some players probably agree.
Coaches get too much credit for wins, and not enough blame for the loses...

Are you joking? You have to be. During the Oilers winning streak, how much credit was Mac-T getting?


Whenever a team struggles, the first blame goes to the coach. The PP and PK were bad, and there were wacky lineup combinations when the team went on their winning streak. Injuries suck, and you have to make due with what you have.

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