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09-07-2012, 07:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Tdoe42 View Post
Who is this "Heart" of the team you speak of?? Obby... Donny O...?? who?

Last I checked Doug Brown Retired not macks fault
Departures: DT Doug Brown (starter), DE Odell Willis (starter), LG Brendan Labatte (starter), MLB Joe Lobendahn (starter), SB Greg Carr (starter), OLB Clint Kent (starter), DT Don Oramasionwu, RB Fred Reid (starter), C Obby Khan (starter), DT Dorian Smith (starter).

Most of which were not sufficiently replaced. Not at all. He forced players out for no reason. He let guys walk for nothing. He did not improve on team weaknesses, in fact he made the weaknesses way worse on top of making the strengths worse. The O-line is worse, the D-line is worse, the LB's are miles worse, the secondary is worse. RB is AT BEST a wash, and the WR are marginally better, but it does not matter when you had the worst starting QB in the league last year with two unproven backups and did nothing to improve it.

What is the judgement for a GM? I judge them by wins and losses. He has taken a team that was showing improvement, stripped it bare, not replaced them with any talent and for all this talk about improvement, we are WORSE than we were during his first disgraceful 4-14 season, at least we were in games that year. It is embarrassing for the fans to watch this team. And the buck stops with Mack.

Fact is you want make excuses for every one of those players, I am not going argue that again. Fact is this team is 2-7 and considerably worse than last year, in fact even considerably worse than that disgraceful first season. I don't understand how we are better off now than we were when he was brought in? Because our average age is lower? Blah, blah that is not going to work, you simply do not grow teams at 5+ year paces in the CFL, most careers are only 3-4 years. It makes NO SENSE.

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