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09-07-2012, 10:47 PM
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Last night i had my very first Learn to Play class. It was my first time ever skating with hockey gear on, stickhandling on the ice, and skating for hockey (not for Learn to skate drills or Public skate).

I was AWFUL but it was the most fun i had in years! Here's what we did...

-Skated around the rink for a few minutes. Some people were shooting around, lots of us (myself included) was practicing puckhandling while skating around the rink

-We did skating drills. Forward strides, backwards strides, transitions, forwards crossovers & backwards crossovers while almost hopping across the ice (never done that before)

-Puckhandling and passing drills. Learned how to send and receive a pass but still working on actually doing it right

-Did a passing/shooting drill where we got in two lines. One line skates to the blueline and circles around and receives a pass from the other guy in the other line and then shoots on net. Would have been fun but i couldn't receive any passes -_-

-Then we scrimmaged! Holy hell was it fun. I learned how bad my skating really was. Granted, 90% of the guys in this beginner class were already in Men's League which was pretty weird so they were usually blowing right by me. The scrimmage was a lot of fun though. Line changes were a little sloppy. Everyone took really long shifts (myself included). I need to learn how to accept a pass in stride though. I got too many passes while standing still or in stride and it was out of my reach. Felt bad just letting it go past me or lunging at it and not even being close.

-Got my first taste of anger while playing. Going to the boards for a puck and this big dude nudged me out of the way. He didn't shove me or anything b/c its a freaking Learn to Play scrimmage but he didn't let me get the puck and i got pissed! Then i remembered that i'm playing HOCKEY and i better get used to it.

-Scored a goal! It was a 2-1 with me and one of the Instructors. He fed me a nice pass which i received. Took a horribly weak shot on the goalie but he left me a nice rebound and i jammed it in! I was so excited that i lost my balance and fell over lol. I celebrated a little bit too which i was kind of embarrassed about b/c i've heard you're not supposed to celebrate in men's league. Whatever though, it was my first goal!

God was this fun! I can't wait to go back next Thursday!

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