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09-08-2012, 12:16 AM
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Originally Posted by GrigsAndGirgs View Post
The Jets, Bills, Bengals, Titans, and the AFC West (excluding division winner) are all in the running for the last wild card spot (giving Baltimore/Pittsburgh both spots). IMO there's really not a whole lot that separates any of them right now. I imagine a month from now we'll be paring down that list. Every game against a team on that list is crucial--both to knock them off the list and also for potential tiebreakers.
None of these teams are good. They are either incomplete or have holes. While I agree with you they may all be competing it's not because they are good. The Jets offense is a joke and the team is a freakshow. The Bills secondary is dreadful. The Bungals have a bunch of injuuries on offense and didnt beat an above .500 team last year. The Titans have CJ but he's not that guy that was running for 2K a couple years back, their QB is nothing special. The AFC West will be beating eachother up.

NE and Houston are solid. Though will Houston take a hit without Mario? NE like every year has a cupcake schuedule. BAL and PIT should be there but neither has a sexy offense. Their D's are aging, no Suggs is huge for Baltimore.

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