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Originally Posted by Chief Wiggum View Post
I have a video of me watching that Burrows goal in my room with the volume cranked, probably the most priceless video I have.

EDIT: Here it is.

What a let down. One "yeah!" and that's it!

I was in cactus club near metro. With 3 of my friends. One of them had to leave(at OT[he was the only hockey fan besides me of the 3 friends that was there]) and two of them stayed which they don't follow hockey at all.

Anyways, when Toews scored, I literally said out loud "typical." I was so pissed off, I could hardly control myself. I was so nervous during the intermission trying to play out odds.

So the game starts chances going both ways, and as soon as Compoli coughed up the puck and saw Burrows skating up to Crawford I was already up my seat. When we scored the whole restaurant went loud, and I started walking around high fiving everyone. I ran out of the restaurant and started chanting outside of the streets with a bunch of random people. Cars were honking. We went from the restaurant all the way to the MCdonalds, looked around me and none of my friends were with me.

Caught up with them and then watched Hanna.

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