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12-04-2003, 11:57 PM
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Originally Posted by shanwon
I saw the highlights of the Rangers game. Anyone see the dirty muther *****er Peca knee Lundmark? I'm guessing a Lundmark for Jagr deal is dead now. Peca should go to the Leafs. What a perfect fit.
This is sooo wierd. You appear to be a Caps fan and you view Peca's hit on Lundmark as dirty. I'm a Ranger fan and if anyone "should" be livid with Peca it would proably be a Ranger fan. Yet I didn't see it as dirty.

I'm not saying I'm right and you're wrong, Shanwon.

I'm just remarking how ironic our viewpoints are.

I'm basing my opinion of the hit on the fact that Jamie's legs are wide apart at the moment of contact. It's like, "if Peca wanted to lay shoulder to shoulder, there's no way Michael could avoid leg to leg contact given Jamie's splayed stance."

That's different from your typical Marchment style vicious leg whip where it's the attacker who extends a leg wide to make sure he "gets" the checkee.

Now certainly, Peca was trying to send a solid "message" to Lundmark. i don't doubt that for a second. Peca might have even intended to injure in an "impact" way. But i just don't see that Peca was intentionally going after Jamie's knee in the manner of Marchment.

To be sure, Slats appears to agree with your interpretation, Shanwon. Sather is quoted as saying he intends to send the tape to Colin Campbell.

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