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09-08-2012, 06:01 AM
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Originally Posted by PasiK View Post
I agree with Elliott, I havent check ratings, but if Elliott has 85OV, then something has changed?

I was told when haivng him still, that there is some 40g limit and if goalies wont play more then they will be rated lower .. but OV85 sounds like he is best goalies in league even played only 38games in NHL .. weird .. i feel like fooled
Originally Posted by PasiK View Post
Dont want to read all posts but can someone shortly tell what has happened?

are formulas, to calculate ratings, changed? and change has taken impact immediately? no transition period, like normally is when standards or laws are modified.

and if change is done, where it is said?

If for example goalies, games played, thresholds are lowered, that really has huge impact for Elliott. I had him and traded him because knowing he didnt played needed 40 games to get over OV80 ratings and now it seems that this threshold is lowered to 30 games and vola ... OV85!

I checked the message history and that discussion about Elliott and his potential ratings was from January 25th, long before any ratings for this season was even started and Elliott improved his stats a fair bit after that discussion. There was nothing there about Elliott being rated as a backup and I even warned you about the possible changes in the way the ratings would be created in the future as there was discussion going on about that. The threshold hasn't as much been lowered, rather it has been erased and the ratings have been made with a different formula with the hope that the sim would take care of limiting the games played by backup and depth goalies.

In fact if you look back to any season in the past there has been more or less changes in the formulas to calculate the ratings. The one constant has been that the ratings have been created by ranking the goalies in every stat category and overall rather than to give every stat number a weight in the final rating.

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