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Have a credible program and THEY will come!

Originally Posted by AUS Fan View Post
Regarding some coaches dislike of the number of 'A' players at UNB sitting in the stands: Obviously coaches can't go on the record saying that. They have to maintain the facade of unity in the AUS. However, it's no secret that several AUS coaches don't like the fact that UNB will recruit a player 'just so that you can't have him'. It's no secret that several AUS coaches don't like Gardiner for that reason as well.
Putting the shoe on the other foot, you would also be upset if a team was taking players your team could use and then not playing them.

I don't want to start a pissing contest, so I'll leave it there.....

Wait, how does Bryce Swan, with a marginal grade get in a 5th year program at UNB?
My suggestion is that ALL teams concentrate on ethical recruiting practices and getting on with building a program with appropriate academic and coaching leadership.

A number of years ago a University of Waterloo men's hockey coach, later fired from Lakehead was sentured for making public comments about Windsors University's academic standards and LOST the opportunity of hosting any play off games,so beware of "loose lips"

Whether capping players numbers will ever solve a problem that is being described here may just be an opportunity for other unethical practices to emerge.

Get on with the business of building a program,hire somebody like a Troy Ryan who can coach and recruit appropriate student/athletes and let it be settled on the ice

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