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09-08-2012, 09:23 AM
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Originally Posted by schism View Post
Marleau is 33 in a week and is coming off of a down year while holding a 6.9 mil cap hit. His production historically slumps in the playoffs.

Obviously if we could get him for free I'd have no qualms about adding him to the team. I just wouldn't trade anything of significance for him, and absolutely not Edler.

I don't think our teams are good trading partners.
His 'down year' included 30 goals, 3rd on the team in points where pretty much the entire team had a 'down year', and in a year where his skill set was not complimented very well in the slightest. It also included him and the rest of the top line going against the other team's top line night after night and winning that goal differential battle. And when he was moved off the top line, it was because they were asking him to help out a struggling 2nd line.

As for his supposedly slumping production in the playoffs, I implore you to find a forward other than Jagr with more goals than Marleau. Every skater historically struggles in the post-season if they play enough and it is especially true for goal scorers where consistency is not possible.

Now I'm not expecting a significant rise in his production next year because the talent issue is still there. The coaching rearrangement may allow them to play a little more openly which would help Marleau it's probably going to mean five more goals at the most. But that's still a 30-35 goal scorer that is capable of helping any line that he's on and helping to beat the best that other teams offer in the goal differential battle while being a very good PK'er and the versatility to slide from LW to C when needed and not lose a step.

In terms of a trade, I won't say it makes sense regardless of team because it always depends on the return but I'm simply arguing the line that was posted in this thread about not wanting to touch Marleau at all implying that the poster wouldn't take him at all.

Originally Posted by Hatrick Marleau View Post
Murray is a LD.
Murray can play RD too.

Originally Posted by DJOpus View Post
Are you sure its not because good ones at the peak of their game are very rarely traded?

How many goalies were traded at a point in their career where they were doing really well? Roberto Luongo and Patrick Roy? Does any one think Florida or Colorado did okay in those trades?
Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's not that. The good ones aren't traded because their value is not that high in the first place. The reason why is because there is not a high demand for starting goalies and there is a surplus of potential options for teams. You would think that with Luongo being available, if it was simply a matter of teams wanting elite goalies, that someone would have jumped on the opportunity by now and they haven't. The goalie dynamic is not what it once was before the lockout. Teams, in general, will focus more of their time, energy, and cap space on their skaters as opposed to finding a high-priced goalie.

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