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Originally Posted by Disgruntled Observer View Post
The typical fan of a sports team is clouded by bias, and seem to always think that things are going well for their team. Even when thing aren't going well. Even when things are going flat out terribly. Even when things are almost rock bottom for a 100 year old franchise.

Sports media are often much more impartial. But being that the typical fan is for some reason utterly unable to see things objectively, they usually hate the local sports media for the "sin" of analyzing the team realistically.
Your view of "typical" sports fans is much to generic in my opinion, there's really nothing typical about hundreds of millions of different fans/individuals which in all likelihood you don't know personally. Most fans (the ones who really follow their team) know a heck of a lot more then these writers like Cox and Simmons do, and well in advance in most cases. We don't live in an era (we haven't for the better part of two decades) where newspapers are the primary source for anything anymore.

Sports media is impartial because it has to be (even when things are going well) to suck in readers. These days media has less to do with useful information and more to do with writing a soap opera script so that people can tune in next week for more drama that doesn't really exist.

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