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09-08-2012, 09:55 AM
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Originally Posted by glenngineer View Post
Frk, it was not a list in order by any means. Thought I stated that in the post somewhere, maybe I didn't. Don't remember to be honest. As far as Eberle and Flippula go, I was just going by what was listed on the ESPN website as of yesterday. Marleau depending on the day or shift is sometimes a center while other times he's on the wing with Thornton so that was hard to figure out a little bit.

101, that's what makes this so hard, what do you base any of this on? That was kind of my point, is there a way to really define this sort of thing? I don't think there is because people have differing opinions of what a number 1 is. Personally, I think it comes down to talent level and not the amount of teams that are in the league so that means there should be 30 number 1 c's. That's just me though. I know others that believe that very thing and that's there right as well.
Everyone defines it differently so what we end up with is a multitude of people essentially speaking a different dialect when it comes to the subject. There are several generational level talents in the league right now ... players who aren't just excellent for their time but with stats and visible ability which puts them into the "all time" category. There is no doubt that they qualify for a "#1" distinction. Once the discussion moves beyond the obvious, it devolves into the same impossible to prove to another person discussion like best ice cream flavor, best team, best beer, best movie or any other subjective discussion.

Stats can discredit some of the "sucks" rants, but, cannot address intangibles that we all see when watching the game.

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