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09-08-2012, 10:38 AM
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Yep, jogging won't help but sprinting will. Just think about it for a second: one is low-intensity/long-term and the other is high-intensity for short bursts at a time.

Other than the obvious choices for gym exercises, pullthroughs and cleans will give you some great explosive power as well. I also really dig doing pistols, especially to follow up a nice squat routine when your legs are beaten already. The extra effort you'll have to put into the balance and strength for them (and most who are new to them probably won't be able to do any when fresh, let alone with sore/tired legs) will do wonders for your legs. If you can't do them free-standing, help balance yourself slightly with a hand on the wall. And/or pause them out until you're able to do multiple reps. As you get more use to them, shorten the rest between reps and stop balancing yourself at the wall, and eventually you'll be able to do them free-standing.

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