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Originally Posted by CPrice 31 View Post
Rumor has it Orton is going to be Special Referee at Night of Champions in an ADR/Sheamus match.

I'd book it like:

Randy Orton reluctantly counts 3 for Del Rio who becomes new World Heavyweight Champion through cheap tactics that happened behind Orton's back. Randy Orton walks away. Sheamus gets taunted by Ricardo and Sheamus chases Ricardo to the backstage area, Del Rio is still down, Ziggler cashes in, hits Del Rio with the Zig Zag and picks up the win and becomes new World Heavyweight Champion.

Orton goes off to film 12 Rounds, Sheamus/Ziggler/ADR program and when Orton returns, Sheamus/Orton get into a slow build for WrestleMania (if they don't put Barrett/Sheamus in a program.)
I would be standing at full attention if Ziggler cashes in on a cheap winning Del Rio.

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