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Originally Posted by Matrix
Great list but....

1- Where's the grade for MY Garth Murray, you know the one I was so pissed off to get for superstar Hossa but then had become MY Garth Murray 'cause he has played so well for us.....!!!!!
I didn't grade Murray, Downey or Dagenais. They didn't play enough on the whole. And I thought my grade for Murray and Downey may be controversial. I would've given Murray and Downey each around a B+ or A-, and an F to Dagenais.

Originally Posted by Matrix
2- As far as our d-men being a solid bunch, I agree.....defensively. I just have my doubts regarding our transition game and good tape to tape passes.....Then we should ask yourself these questions, is it worth it to sacrifice guys like Dandy, Bouillon or even Souray to get some d-men with better hockey sense and doing some great first passes.....
Good point. I think what made me more confident in the defense though is not their play along the boards--which did improve--but rather their play in transition.

When Gainey and co. took over, we started to see Montreal's defense use its speed. Dandenault and Bouillon became trap-breakers, which is what defensemen with their type of speed should be.

Defensemen started being comfortable going deep in the opposition zone, even forechecking at times. All six D were comfortable with this.

The D also started moving up-ice as a unit with the forwards. There was a small gap between the forwards and the defene. This is a good thing.

Where I have issues with Montreal's defense is more in transition-defense and general decision-making when breakdowns occur.

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