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09-08-2012, 02:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Kreiders Underwear View Post
She's the Head of the Soc Department. Lolz.

I know she can't prevent me from dropping it, but my guidance counselor said I need her permission to switch into another AP.
It's high school, if you give them enough of a problem they'll change it so they don't have to deal with you anymore. Have your mom or dad call, tell whoever is in charge there that you shouldn't be forced to take a class you don't want to take and you should be allowed to take the one you want to switch into. It's your parents money that funds the school, and most importantly its your education and since youre essentially paying them for it you should be able to switch into whichever class you want. Besides, getting into that class will allow you to get hte most out of your high school experience, education wise... they can't really say no to all of that.

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