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09-08-2012, 04:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Dream Big View Post

I'm looking at the valuations and the debt some of the teams are carrying. New Jersey is at 144%? Is that dept loans/mortgages taken out to buy the team and they did not pay the interest?

Dallas owed $290 million when it was bought for $240 million. Not sure who was backing that loan. How can it be that much if it is only worth $240? I don't think it was originally purchased for that much?

Is there a minimum down payment unencumbered that an owner has to put into the team when purchasing and is there a maximum dept financed allowed against the equity of the team? Or does anything go? Does the NHL regulate this?

For example if I want to buy a MacDonald's franchise

Is there some sort of rule requirement to remain in good financial standing as an NHL team owner and to maintain a certain dept to equity ratio?

It is a perception game and it is the center of current debate between the league and the players: what part of the revenues should be considered...

It is not as simple as saying team X is "losing" money. Does this mean the cashflow was negative or that the value as a whole has dropped, was it a recapitalisation, a new Zaboni (what ever) or has the owner transfered some assets, etc. ? Do the Yotes count in that number? Should they?

Its impossible to truly know what is going on, unless it is possible to read the 75,000ish pages the NHL sent to the players and thus removing any PR statement, idea selling made in order to get the fans on their good side.
NORediculous provided this information. Thanks. Obviously has a business background unlike myself.

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