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09-08-2012, 04:58 PM
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Got screwed over by a local rink which told me I had a place in a league, deposited my check, then didn't say a word to me for the next three weeks. When I hadn't heard from a captain by the day before the season was supposed to start, I e-mailed them and was told the league was actually "full" and they didn't have a spot for me.

I'll get a refund, but I've yet to hear an apology for jerking me around like that or for not keeping me in the loop. Because I get things happen. I really do. But this is something that should have been evident at least a week ago, and to not hear anything at all about it until I asked, not to mention having the check deposited, is ridiculously bush league.

And the problem is I really like some of the other programs and people at that rink, so I don't want to just say "Screw you very much, give me all my money and I'm never coming back." But I'm really, really temped.

I've got some serious anger to burn off, which would be perfect if I had a hockey game to play today like I was supposed to. Instead, I've got all the time I cleared for it and just an immense amount of frustration.

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