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09-08-2012, 06:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Derby View Post
So I print the tickets, not the CBJ? For the amount of money I spend each season between my two plans (over $7000), I think they should accommodate me with either hard tickets printed by them, or a card loaded with my portion (15-20 GAMES) of that shared plan. Each game we attend has a ticket face value of $110 per seat. I think they ought to do that for us. That's all.

I've printed tickets before, I get how it works. I've used the ticket forwarding feature a few times. Printed tickets when I go straight to games from work and my tickets are at home. I'm just saying it's poor customer service for a pretty high priced entertainment investment.

They should print my portion of the shared plan tix or load a card with them. Why is that too much to ask?
Regardless if you pay 110 bucks a game or 15 bucks a game like I do, you are paying for the product on the ice and not the method to get into the arena with that you are paying for.

Understandably, people may complain now but this is the price you pay for progress. This is version 1.0 of virtual ticketing. While you and others may consider it an inconvenience now, 5 years from now, the system should be far better than what we have been used to.

I agree with you that people who split ticket plans should be able to load tickets to their games onto a card. However, you manage that currently not the team. How does the team know what games to load onto what card if they gave us multiple cards? Perhaps an enhancement request for the ability for a user to manage ticket distribution between multiple cards on their account is a great idea and should be brought the the team and in turn the software provider that manages the software.

No system is ever perfect at first and will always be evolving as the find and prioritize how to make the system better. That's how we progress.

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