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09-08-2012, 06:36 PM
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Hi all, Not sure if any of you have been to Pittsburgh, I just got back home today from PIT, after visting family.

I know that sme of you want to see the flyers in PIT. So if you go, here are 3 options that you can you if you haven't thought of it.

Obviousy greyhound- if you go try and get a express bus they are shorter and the only stop is the rest stop in between harrisburg and pittsburgh thats it it usually is a 5 hr trip tops. tickets are around 30-40.

Amtrak, now amtrak is a 7 hr train ride, mainly because the it goes after harrisburgh though central PA as it makes its way to PIT, but Great scenary, and you will see johnstown, home to where america made the 1st rail. tickets as low as 52.

Now my favorite

the new service

MEGABUS it boards at 30th street it to has the same rest stop as greyhound, but also stops at the harrisburgh mall. It usualy is a 6 hr ride,

heres the best part, if you book in advance, i seen tickets as low as 18.00 yes. thats is dam cheap and a great price for going accross the state.

Of course the last option is driving. I did that in the past 2 I spent about 80 in gas Plus the food at rest stops which are a pricey and then the toll is 26.50 thats alot plus the were and tear on the car. Plus I gotta drive it back, and pay the same amounts.

so the first 3 options above are alot smart, now when i arrived I did choose to get a rental car, and on hotwire i got one for as low as 13.00 a day not bad.

so as said, not sure if you guys will go to PIT but if you do, there are more convient ways to get there.

amtrak, greyhound, megabus are all at the same spot in pittsburgh

oh and hers the bet part of them all

its a 15 minute walk to console engergy center, or if your lazy like me, take taxi less then 4 min tops your there if your fare should be like 4 bucks

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