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Originally Posted by fanofdo View Post
Spoke to some people that went to the concert last night and those that parked on college grounds were pissed. Even though it will improve, this may be the nail in the coffin for this organization. The way they have handled this shows why they have one of the poorest records as an ownership group in the OHL.

For those of you that say if you don't like it don't go - look at the attendance numbers. I am predicting the average attendance will go below 3000 this year - people aren't going. For those voicing their opinions, good businesses and organizations welcome customer feed back - successful organizations will tell you they appreciate good honest feed back. Poor organizations ignore it.

To those that compare the price of a game here to London, it is not a relevant comparison in my opinion. Put a product on the ice comparible to London's and people will gladly pay.

Lastly, regardless if people want to believe it or not, this team is essentially subsidized by the Province of Ontario (supplied the land and parking lots for the SSEC) and the City of Sarnia (paid for the majority of the arena). The very people voicing their opinion are tax payers of at least one of these and have every right to voice their opinion.
Feel ur frustration on lack of team performance but must comment on arena operations.Sorry not a Sarnia taxpayer and unfair for me to comment not knowing ur situation.I sit on a arena board for another municipality and have for numerous years.Arena's are very expensive to operate AFTER they are built.Our arena has been paid for 10 yrs now.We operate with a deficit almost each year with good participation from our community.We have tried to bend over backwards to keep our community involved and they have.Hydro,wages,expences for ludicrous rules and regulations, and compressor equipment are our biggest expense.Our employees make a reasonable wage,no not big bucks,and the community has expressed there content with them.Doesn't happen often.NOW if ur loosing money as Management at RBC has stated,Then u don't spend a fortune on JB palace of an office and dressing room until u can afford it.Now is it the sarnia sting loosing moneyalso or just the RBC.It would be easy to move dollars around to load the expense on the arena and away from the Sting.Figuires dont lie but liars figuire

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