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Originally Posted by Grabovski View Post
All Canadian players lol
A common misconception

I am not denying the team was primarily made up of ringers, you'd have to be an idiot to dispute that, but when you look at the facts:
- only one player on the roster wasn't actually born in Great Britain
- every player on the roster played for a British domestic team at the time
- the captain Carl Erhardt never played hockey in Canada, he was German/Swiss trained
- 2 players were fully British trained

So it is incorrect to say "all Canadian players lol"

Also, I may be mistaken but I believe every player on the roster would have been eligible under current IIHF rules.

That team was more British than the roster we took to the top division of the WC's in '94, but we didn't win that tournament, so Canadians didn't complain

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