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Originally Posted by A_wildstabatanything View Post
I guess you have more faith in Noel to make those assessments than I do. Stapleton will never play in the NHL again and he was regularly awarded PP time last year over Burmi, even Kane in some games. Burmi was one of our best forwards to start last season, his play quickly trailed off after being demoted unexplicably. This team is lacking high end skill and will never be a major player in FA. We can't expect any future success if the young core talent doesn't maximize their potential/asset value and Burmistrov is one of those key pieces.
Yes, Burmistrov is the very key to future success! Without him, Scheifele, Bogosian, Kane, Wheeler, and Trouba will surely fail!

It's great if he succeeds, but he's gonna succeed or fail with or without Wellwood.

You earn your place in the NHL, you don't get it handed to you on a silver platter. We're not gonna let Wellwood, who just had a career year, walk. It makes our team worse.

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