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09-08-2012, 09:25 PM
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Originally Posted by BillDineen View Post
Good article. That ESPN offer was for peanuts. The move looked horrible at first, but in a large part due to luck, has worked out. No one would have predicted that OLN would become NBC Sports, so people cannot give Bettman credit for unbelievable foresight. He certainly did not have foresight in his southern US strategy.
As to an alternative? That is not a fair question to ask. Bettman is paid as a corporate CEO. I would think business experience would be much more important than sports experience. As such, there are 100s of possible replacements. Does any fan on this board know those names? I doubt it.
I agree with this from a TV perspective. I can watch about ten games a year including playoffs because the NHL is not on ESPN. The deal may have been for peanuts, but ESPN coverage is top notch and visible in the majority of households in the US. With exposure, the NHL could long term be in better shape and have more money to show for it.

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