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05-03-2006, 07:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Sirantlers
Thank you guys for a great series with Buffalo. Although you guys came up short, our "hatred" of eachother and our hockey teams led to almost a mutual respect for the series (as well as the teams). One thing I request is that you guys get rid of that *** clown Clarke. It has been far too long that he is trying to bring back any player that was anything like his playing days. When we beat the Flyers after I believe the 97-98 series (?) he said "maybe we need to get faster and size wasn't the way to go". Man looks like he didn't take that too seriously. Hitchcock needs to go. The press conference remark was uncalled for out of frustration. At least show a smidgent of class and shake Lindy's hand or acknowledge him at the end of the game.......I don't think Hitchcock even got in line. Your fans get a very bad rap at times for the abuse you guys not only give the opposing fans, but also their players. I think although your team did not play to expectation, you guys showed me your classier than thought of arond the league and from a fans standpoint, you should be proud of yourselves. Good luck for next year and will you guys PLEASE fire Clarke?
That was a nice, friendly way to finish this on your part. However, I must respectfully say that you are out of your mind to call Clarke a "bleep clown." Clarke was an all time great player and has been a pretty succesful GM. He has had his ups and downs, wins more trades than he loses, has a good drafting record. His only flaw has been the final piece of the puzzle. Many GM's have that same issue and are not called clowns.
Lindy Ruff was a clown as a player, at least when compared with Clarke. He tried to be tough, but really wasn't that tough, and got hurt way to often.Though he played hard, he never achieved the level that was expected of him. Clarke was never an underachiever. Clarke is unpopular everywhere but Philly, and even here he has his distractors as he is not personable on TV (in person he is) and is rather acerbic. He wears his heart on his sleeve and some people can't deal with that. They want him all soft and fluffy when dealing with talented head cases like the big E. Sorry, but you are wrong on this one.
Hitch ws right in his comments about Ruff's teams pulling nonsense in the past too. Most teams are guilty of that.
Good luck going forward. I hope you guys go all the way. What a well balanced team you have.

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