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09-08-2012, 08:32 PM
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Einar Emanuelsson's acceleration is second to none and he's really shifty. Feels like something is happening every time he's on the ice. Philip Magnusson put up a lot of points but didn't show much against the playoff teams Uppland and Värmland he played. He didn't score any points in those games. Could be just a coincidence but we'll see. I really like Jonathan Léman, he's dominant but at the same time not too selfish. He acknowledges that the simple play sometimes is better for him aswell. That C to D switch he made(as he said in an interview) has probably gotten him a better understanding for the game. He's got quite a heavy first step though he needs to improve. Didn't get a long enough look at Oliver Kylington, but I'd say that he is one of the most intriguing ones in this age group. He's very fast and got hard crisp passes. Was a bit too much "me against the world" in the quarterfinal despite having quite good team mates, though. I felt some similarities to Erik Karlsson however. As for goalies, I gotta say that Daniel Marmenlind might even be the tournament MVP all things considered. Amazing technique and movement for a guy his age. He makes himself look very big in the net. He's gonna make a great duo alongside Felix Sandgren with Team 16 early on. Looks like a strong goaltending and D class like has been said, forwards need a little work.

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