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Originally Posted by predfan98 View Post
This is where it gets so confusing for me. If I'm here, I can watch on fox sports on my center ice blackout doesn't matter---- but if I am out of town and the game in nashville isn't on center ice ---where does the computer think I am? Does it pick up the network that you're hooked up to wifi on and go "oh, this computer isn't in Nashville" so you can see the game? That's kind of what it sounds like from what you're saying.

I just remember people complaining about having nhl gamecenter and then not being able to see the games.

So is the IP address also the geographic location of the computer (for some reason I thought it was more like an id code of the machine).

Anyway, I'm just trying to decide if I want to pick up nhl gamecenter specifically for long periods of time out of town when I want to see Preds games and am not in this area. And if it matters where I am physically with the computer when I initially sign up for it.
they use ur IP. Its the same as wen im at my dad house and I go online and have to read spam pop ups on meeting single woman or men tonight in the same town my dad lives in. then wen i go back home to my house 30 miles away on that same website i see the same pop ups saying the same thing, but now the single men and woman are in my town. lol

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