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09-08-2012, 10:18 PM
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Originally Posted by imisssaku View Post
I just feel his time with the Avalanche has come to an end. Oreilly/Duchene are their future at center, and they could nab a 3rd young center in return, plus a bit to bolster their depth.

Which teams do you think are in need of a center? Which teams have the best available assets to make a deal?

A team like Toronto could desperately use a player like Stastny.

Just off the cuff...

The center going back in the deal would likely be Bozak. The same age as Stasny and a capable 3rd liner. If the Avalanche aren't too high on him it would be between Kadri or Colbourne. Whoever they're higher on. Connolly wouldn't be too bad at a 3rd line role, filling in as a PP specialist, if they want to go that route and take on a bad contract (only 1 year left so no major risk) and grab more in the bottom end of the deal. The Leafs have a pretty deep prospect pool. Other than Gardiner/Reilly there aren't many standouts but tons of good prospects.

They need some offense on D, so Cody Franson would seem to fit the bill. I think prospects like Gardiner or Reilly have too much value for the Leafs to considering packaging with a younger center. You'd get into that territory if they took on Connolly.

I don't think Brian Burke would ever trade away his 1st again, so a 2nd rounder would likely be included. If the 1st rounder was included it would definitely be top 10 protected.

From there, I think a more developed prospect, on the verge of graduating (Frattin, Ashton) would be included to seal the deal.

So something like... (without considering the cap, the leafs are close iirc)

Bozak/Kadri or Colbourne

For Paul Stastny?

Is that enough to get it done for the Avalanche? Or would they be more enticed by something like...


Those seem a bit messy but they were rushed... Stastny has had declining numbers so maybe I'm overestimating his value. I've been just looking at the Avs and they have Sgarbossa on the way at C and I think they could lose Stasny to upgrade at other positions to be more successful.
The Avs are more than happy to have 3 very good centers. Just because we have O'Reilly and Duchene, does not mean were suddenly in a rush to trade Stastny because its unacceptable to have 3 top 6 centers.

If your going to make a proposal, please at least take into account the Avs needs. Bozak as a 3rd line center replacment? Maybe. Franson? Absolutely not, we have enough 4/5/6 D on our roster. And don't even mention Connolly, he has negative value as far as the Avs are concerned. If the Leafs feel guys like Gardiner/Rielly are to valuable to package for something they desperately need? Thats fine. It seems to me you are only taking into account the Leafs here. The Leafs get their #1 center, and you also manage to keep all the pieces the Leafs would not want to trade, out of the deal(Gardiner, Rielly, Kessel, Lupul, Phaneuf, Grabo, etc) while entirely ignoring the Avs needs. You stated that the Avs could trade Stastny for a 3rd line center and some depth....well, I'm sure we could. To bad that's not what we need.

For what must be the 100th time, the Avs needs, if were trading a player like Stastny are a top line winger, and more importantly, a top pairing D to play with EJ. We have no interest in prospects like Colborne, Ashton, Kadri, or in players like Frattin and Franson. I know some people here believe that Stastny is not worth the pieces the Avs are looking for, which is fine, just don't expect Stastny then. You said the Avs could trade Stastny to upgrade at postions...thats a nice idea. To bad this upgrade nothing for us. Bozak? Nope. Franson? Upgrade on Hunwick maybe....and Frattin? Yeah, clear upgrade on our top 9 wingers(Parenteau, McGinn, Hedjuk, Jones, Downie, Landeskog ) So despite saying the Avs could lose Statsny to upgrade at other postions...the only upgrad you offer is on our 7th D??? Put a little more thought into this next time, and realize the Avs needs to be considered as well as the Leafs.

A package that would interest me from the Leafs, and take into account are needs, would be something like Phaneuf+Bozak.

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