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09-08-2012, 11:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Sokil View Post
With Gaiduchenko, I think it's a possibility that he's "bad enough" to make the team. That is, he's been holding off the FHU's advances in hopes of competing for Russia on the world stage, but the odds of him ever making a team are looking slim. Maybe he'll give up and decide to cave and just be happy playing at all?

No clue about Andrushenko, but don't Razin/Bayev/etc fall under those who are staying away so they don't get the 'import' label? With guys like these, I guess we can only hope Donbass signs them, or maybe Berkut (if they join the KHL) and that fear of job security isn't as big a factor.
I was unsure about whether or not the import label still applied now that Ukraine is a KHL country. I was under the impression that all former-Soviet Republics who joined the KHL had shed the import title from their players who play on Russian KHL teams. I could be wrong though.

I really hope that Gaiduchenko, Razin and Bayev all decide to start representing Ukraine internationally. It would really be a boost to the NT and would compete with teams like Kazakhstan, Hungary and Slovenia to get into the WC.

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