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Originally Posted by TheAntiPrice View Post
Where though? Most of the "legit" photocopy stores won't actually do it for you, you can take your book anywhere and photocopy it page by page yourself, but I don't know anyone who does the dirty work for you like those good Chinese folks used to do.
There's a number where you call for photocopies. My friend still does it. I'll ask him for the number.

Originally Posted by Pierre Dagenais View Post
I don't really mind the photocopied version. It costs about $30-40 and I sell them back for $20 to get rid of them.

I try to avoid eBay because sometimes the shipping can take 2 weeks and I would already have missed the first assignment.

Now, I mostly get the PDFs online and get someone to print it and bind it for me.
I can't find PDFs of my books. Sometimes they don't even photocopy my books and my friend has been asked to bring a copy do they can add it to their database.

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