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09-09-2012, 04:07 AM
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The other problem for the Bruins in trying to move Thomas to a team that can use his cap hit to get over the floor, is how far the cap might drop.

If the drop is minor then most teams will be ok in getting under the cap. If there's a major drop (to like $60 mil), then you're going to see more teams trying to rid themselves of contracts. So teams willing to take on players are going to have more options. They would be able to add players to their roster that could actually contribute, instead of just adding dead cap space.

General question, at what point does adding a dead cap space contract to your team's payroll become circumvention of the cap? I know more people are concerned with the upper end of the cap, but you can obviously circumvent the floor as well. I understand that you can have teams spending less than the floor due to the difference in cap hit vs actual salary (and that might change in a new CBA). Does the idea of a team willingly trading for a $5 mil cap hit when the player has no intention of playing bother anyone? To me that's a lot different than the Isles set to pay Visnovsky $3 mil with a cap hit at $5.6 mil. At least with the 2nd scenario, they're getting a player and some contributions for that cap hit.

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