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09-09-2012, 04:10 AM
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Originally Posted by KesselBuiltMyHotrod View Post
Come on, it only took a minute and a half and most of that was just Barrett posturing. I think the only offense Tatsu got in was a kick.
The dead crowd, the fact that like you said Barret was just posturing, made the match seem so much longer than it was, just made it seem terrible. It would have made more sense than something not involving Tatsu, but if your going to use Tatsu to job, it would have been better for Barrett to run right through him, or hit him with a whole barrage of moves including The Wasteland. I defiantly like Barrett, but I'm not going to pretend they did a good job with his return, it was IMO executed as poorly as possible without hurting him significantly. But again I'm glad to have him back.

Also glad he came back heel, but I think he could defiantly make for a good to great face in the future, but at this time he fits the bill better as a heel.

Side note a Raw return would have worked much better, especially with a known good crowd like last Raw in Chicago, or this upcoming Raw in Montreal.

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