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09-09-2012, 09:38 AM
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Originally Posted by LegomyLeggio View Post
While Thursday was a good day, Friday sucked balls.

Found out that my wife had drained our joint accounts and my car essentially is dead. It's a rusted out s-box and I'm not putting $1300 into it. And I had to have a blood test and I am not on good terms with needles.

Yesterday was a busy day. Second day in a row I had to have a blood test (I could do the cholesterol test on Friday because I wasn't fasting when I went to the doctor). Then I had a meeting with my lead asst coach who wasn't going to be at practice because of a Darien Lake concert that he had to be at at 5pm and our practice was at 4pm.

Then I went to the gym, went to practice, flew straight to Darien Lake, had a decent time, then came home and crashed.

Today will be a lazy day where I go to church, maybe hook up to talk to a friend, and then be lazy and prepare for tomorrow's big court date.

I need to get back into my house so bad. I miss seeing my kids so much...
Hang in there buddy. We're all behind you.

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