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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
I actually criticized the Bolton pick with this very specific point, "he only played 3 full seasons. Would you think an active player who only played 3 full seasons was a good pick?" I think someone else even compared him to Letang

As for Buller, he had a long career as a top player in the O6-era AHL before his brief NHL career. GMs are divided as to how much to credit him for that. I know my co-GM gives him a lot more credit than I do.
Point is that GMs should have the ability to recognize talent regardless of the number of seasons played and judge it strictly as such.

Allan "Scotty" Davidson is a prime example. Two year career ended by WWI. Great pick, should be a ATD player. Moose Watson never played in the NHL but gets a lot of favourable projection for no logical reason.

In the same light Frank Mathers and Steve Kraftcheck had longer and better AHL careers. While Murray Henderson and Frank Eddolls had longer and better NHL or total careers. So the Bolton and Buller picks may be challenged on a strict talent basis.

Still Davidson is not a victim of ageism but my players are. I can evaluate Davidson and others strictly on talent. The other GMs inevitably fall in the age argument when talking about my young or still active players.

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